Pastor Anthony and Melissa Ens of the Vancouver West Church.

Pastor Anthony and Melissa Ens

Anthony and Melissa Ens moved to Vancouver in the summer of 2012 with their three children. They came with a vision and a passion to plant an Apostolic church in the heart of Vancouver.

Anthony met his wife, Melissa, while finishing his degree in theology in St. Louis, MO. They shared a mutual desire for ministry and missions. Shortly after Anthony’s graduation, the two were married and immediately began their ministry with a United Pentecostal Church (UPC) in Quesnel, BC to help with and eventually pastor the local church.

Shortly after accepting the pastorate of the church in Quesnel, Anthony was elected to serve as Youth President of UPCI of British Columbia district. For the next 8 years, with Melissa at his side, he served as both pastor and youth president, thrilled by the opportunity that God had given him years earlier.

In 2007, God began to deal separately with both Anthony and Melissa about the city of Vancouver, BC, but it would take a four year journey before they would arrive in Vancouver.  During that time they travelled across North America speaking at churches, raising funds for the new church plant and seeking God’s wisdom for this great undertaking.

Anthony comes to Vancouver with a heart for people, leadership experience, and a love for God. Melissa’s heartbeat is investing in the personal growth of people, working with music, and being involved in the community. The whole family enjoys meeting people, volunteering in their neighbourhood, and hosting gatherings where people can find friendship and a sense of belonging. They would love the opportunity to get to know you as well.